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Advanced Presentation Skills

Maximum delegates: 6
Duration: 1 day

Who is this course for:
This course is for experienced and competent presenters who want to take their presentations to the next level; to become first-class presenters. This course is also available for one-to-one presentation skills coaching, which may be appropriate if you have a specific presentation coming up.
Why attend this course:
The majority of presenters are mediocre, primarily because most people would rather do anything than give a presentation! Therefore, fear gets in the way of their impact, energy levels and the way that they engage with the audience and deal with difficult questions. If you are interested in promotion, increasing your credibility and making a name for yourself then being excellent at presentations is a must.

Course Objectives:
• Model professional presenters
• Strengthen your personal impact
• Achieve success no matter the subject or audience
• Handle unexpected difficulties calmly and effortlessly
• Receive one-to-one coaching
• Deal with difficult questions successfully

Course Outline:
In this course, you will receive an honest appraisal of your presentation style so that you have individual development points to work on throughout the day. In addition to plenty of practice at improving your skills, you will learn how to be deliver an excellent presentation no matter the audience or subject. You will find out what qualities excellent presenters possess from being aware of your emotional state and managing your mindset to building rapport with the audience. You will also discover ways to handle difficult situations and questions.

“Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were tougher”
Jim Rohn


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