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Professional Presentation Skills

Maximum delegates: 6
Duration: 2 days

Who is this course for:
This course is for people who deliver presentations regularly and want to know how to structure the content and bring the material alive.  It’s ideal for people with no formal presentation skills training (although attending ‘Communicate with Confidence & Impact’ is a useful pre-curser to this course).

Why attend this course:
Presentations used to be the domain of CEOs and CFOs but business today requires that most people beyond Manager level (and often below too) have to give presentations whether they are formal at client proposals or informal at internal meetings.  Therefore, it is a highly advantageous skill for anyone in business to acquire.

Benefits of this course:
• Deliver with impact and confidence
• Communicate your message clearly and concisely
• Work with the latest brain theories to aid understanding and retention
• Organise the content for easy comprehension
• Engage the audience’s attention and interest throughout
• Use Power Point effectively

Course Outline:
In this highly practical course, you will receive expert assessment of your presentation skills so that you have individual feedback on your development needs.  You will learn how to improve your delivery style and impact and have plenty of opportunity to practise.  You will discover how to structure your content in bite-sized manageable chunks to make it easy for your audience to listen.  You will learn different ways to bring your material alive and how to use visual aids to support audience attention and understanding.  You will find out how you can use notes to remember everything you want to say.

“Public speaking is not a talent – it is a skill”
George Torok

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