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Developing a Leadership Mindset

Maximum delegates: 12
Duration: 1 day

Who is this course for:
This course is for managers who want to develop a host of skills that will help them become excellent leaders.

Why attend this course:
If you are in a position of leadership, or you would like to be, then you need to be able to think like a leader.  It is all too common to assume that you will be able to learn on the job or ‘make it up as you go along’ but this takes a lot of time and energy.  However, if you would like to learn the key skills needed to be a successful leader quickly and efficiently, then this course is a must for you.

Course Objectives:
• Boost your reputation
• Inspire your team
• Be creative
• Discover new innovations
• Unleash your potential
• Overcome obstacles effortlessly

Course Outline:
In this course you will learn the skills that foremost leaders and innovators in the world possessed that enabled them to become successful leaders in their field.  You will discover how to embrace problems and how to solve them, how to plan ahead while keeping tasks and staff on track.  You will find out how to be more creative and innovative in order to expand your perspective and you will learn how to maintain your well-being in order to role model work-life balance.  You will learn new tools that will allow you to cultivate optimism in times of difficulty and to enhance your powers of observation.

“People are always blaming circumstances for what they are.  I don’t believe in circumstances.  The people who get ahead in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them”
George Bernard Shaw

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